Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Orlando, FL

Do not let an unclean kitchen prevent your business from operating, a kitchen deep clean from 1stCommercial Cleaning will bring your kitchen hygiene up to code, keeping your business up and running.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Orlando, FL

Why do you need a commercial kitchen deep cleaning?

Food and general hygiene is the upmost priority in a commercial kitchen. There are many health and safety issues that can arise if a commercial kitchen is not kept clean.

A bacterium loves to reproduce in dark corners, places where an everyday wipe down can’t get to. Contamination can easily spread on surfaces, walls, floors, sinks, fridges, freezers, cold stores and all your movable kitchen equipment.

It is not just the food hygiene that has to be considered when keeping a commercial kitchen clean.

Safety issues can and will arise from spilled food not cleaned up correctly, resulting in slip and trip injuries. The buildup of grease will also increase the fire risk in a commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning on a regular basis will minimize the health and safety risks that come with a working commercial kitchen.  It is a legal requirement across the United States to have your commercial kitchen to code standards; these standards are set to protect you, your business and importantly your customers.

1st Commercial Cleaning is conversant with the state codes that mean that your kitchen and its staff can operate in a clean and safe environment.

The NFPA 96 regulations mean that your commercial kitchen is at a standard where there are limited fire risks and staff is aware of procedures to keep these standards in place.

It has been reported that 1 in every 5 commercial kitchen fires have a failure to clean as a contributing factor to ignition. Don’t let this be your kitchen! Kitchen deep cleaning is an easy and obvious solution to reduce fire risks in your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in OrlandoHow is a commercial kitchen deep cleaning carried out?

1st Commercial has extensive experience in kitchen deep cleaning in a wide range of commercial kitchens. These include hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, hospitals, college dormitories and more.

The first thing that is done with kitchen deep cleaning is the removal of all movable equipment, allowing the technicians to then access the areas behind the equipment. 1st Commercial uses a range of cleaning chemicals, which have been created for commercial kitchen deep cleaning.

The static commercial kitchen appliances are also cleaned, both the interiors and the exteriors including underneath the appliances!

When you book a kitchen deep clean with 1st Commercial this also includes the kitchen shelves, drains, door handles and frequently touched points. Frequently touched points include oven doors, fridge and freezer door handles and seals, countertops, the floor and of course the kitchens sink.

With the kitchen deep clean complete a final application of a food safe disinfectant will be sprayed across the entire commercial kitchen area. Leaving your kitchen clean and safe for the preparation and processing of food. Any kitchen appliances that had been moved will be placed back into their original positions, connected and ready to use.

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